Europa Customer Profile: Paul McAllister

A Native of Australia, Paul has lived in the US for around 10 years working as an Information Technologist. Having flown sailplanes in his 20s, he took up powered flight after moving the United States. He soon found himself joining the US Europa community after attending Sun ‘n Fun and meeting existing builders and pilots.

He has logged around 800 hours in the aircraft since its completion, test flown his own aircraft and has toured large areas of North America, including the Rockies, Nova Scotia and the Bahamas;

“It is a very economical mode of transport. I typically burn 5.5 US gallons per hour and the maintenance cost of the aircraft is very low.”

In his travels across the US and abroad, he has found many of the Europa’s features to be ideally suited to his needs;

“I really like the versatility of the aircraft. I often load it up with baggage and skip out for 4 day weekends.  Travelling 800 nm in a day is no bother.”

“I thought it was a safe design, very crash survivable with its low stall speed.  I liked its useful load, and I really liked the technical design and thought that went it to it. I just love the aircraft and for me it has been an excellent choice.”

Working with Jeff Behrnes, Paul has organised the ‘Europa Fly In’ in Rough River, Kentucky, which is celebrating its third anniversary this year, (2009).

Paul has also documented the construction and some other memorable event with his Europa on his dedicated website: