Europa Customer Profile - Steve Pitt

Steve Pitt is a General Aviation enthusiast with 450 flying hours, 130 of them in the Europa. After careful consideration, Steve purchased his Europa kit in 1998 after following the Europa and learning more at events throughout the US;

“I was impressed by the apparent strength of this British Company, the way it was spreading to other continents, and the following it was gathering in the aircraft press.”

Choosing Europa over other aircraft in the market thanks to its low servicing costs and its versatility, he visited factories before commencing construction to get an idea of how to use the materials involved.

“The build was a real challenge as I had no aircraft engineering experience”

but eight years and 2500 hours of construction time later, completing all but the painting of the aircraft and the instrument panel himself.

“The best thing about the Europa is the people. I met with several builders and owners when I first was about to get the kit - several of these are now firm friends. They showed me that the build was feasible, they helped with advice and hands-on help over the years and gave morale boosts when the build got challenging.”

Within a year of finishing his aircraft, Steve was able to fulfil a lifetime ambition by flying around the alps, and has since visited Germany, and hopes to visit more of Europe later this year.

“The Europa is achieving all I hoped for and far more. I have met some truly delightful people. Whilst at Sun'n'Fun this year I made the point to several people that buying a Europa is far more than buying a plane. It is buying a way of happy life. The Europa grin does not go away.”