Europa Customer Profile: Richard Wheelwright

Richard became hooked on flying after a trial lesson on his 36th birthday, and after just 14 months in November 2003 he finally earned his pilots licence.

After seeing what was possible with home-build aircraft, and inspired by Mark Evens and the television series ‘A Plane is Born’, he decided to give it a try himself.

“Building the Europa is not difficult, but you still need lots of patience, and it makes you spend all your free time thinking about what piece you are going to work on next.
I chose the Europa because it met all the requirements I need from a kit aircraft. But most of all the ability of been able to store the aircraft at home and on its trailer.
I purchased stage 1 of the kit from the factory, I was ready to order stage two when an unstated kit came available from Island. After viewing it on a day trip. I decided to buy it.
The most satisfying thing when building the Europa is when you complete a chapter in the manual, then stand back and admire what you have accomplished.”

Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire in the UK, Richard is fast approaching the stage of completing his aircraft; his progress can be followed at his build diary: