Pat Tunney

Pat Turney

“My name is Pat Tunney and I am Mechanical Engineer who has a keen interest in aviation. I passed my PPL in 2002 and at the same time purchased the Europa Tri-gear kit.

Most of my flight training was completed around Cheshire and Shropshire. Recently I have kept current flying on the south coast[of the UK].

I considered the Europa after a test flight in the factory demonstrator, it was like nothing else that i had flow in and i knew that if i was going to build a kit aircraft, the Europa would be at the top of the list of possibilities. What finalized my decision was that it  was regarded as a popular versatile aircraft with a very good write up and a reported low build time. The fact that It was also made in the UK was very important, as build advice and assistance from the team at Kirkby Moorside would be easily available. The other major point is that the Europa community, clubs  and forums offered a great deal of support and build advice. I have made some good friends and contacts through the build process and look forward to making more once the aircraft is completed.

Soon in to the build it became apparent that the 2000hrs for a first time glass fibre builder was a little ambitious, that said i still enjoy the challenge and look forward to the end result. I am confident that if i was to cover the work already currently completed, that I could do it quicker as the experience and skills improve.

My build progress has been slow due to work commitments away from home and also because I am a sole builder. The major highlight so far was putting the aircraft on its wheels and being able to move it around.

I still aim to be airborne for early 2011 and hope to get a few hours in with builders I have met through the Europa Community who are approaching the test flying stage.”


Follow Pat's build progress at his website: