Europa Customer Profile - Keith Hickling

Kieth Hickling

Kieth Hickling began his passion for flying when he began piloting gliders in 1960, and went on to fly Chipmunk training aircraft with the RAF reserve from 1962-66. He moved from England to New Zealand back in the 1970s, and has since flown both powered and un-powered aircraft; “ I continued gliding including some wave flying from Omarama up to 28000 ft over spectacular mountain scenery.”

He purchased his EuropaXS in 2005 after flying 3 Europas and reading about the aircraft; “As with other glider pilots, I think the ability to derig and trailer it was appealing, as well as the low drag design.”  Keith has since completed his kit and is all set to begin test flights in the Summer of 2009.

With plans for exploring the mountain wave systems further, and to try some formation flying with other New Zealand Europa owners, Keith is considering customising his aircraft with motorglider wings, and an oxygen system.